Just Great Grooming

815 N Central Ave. Studio F
Medford, OR 97501

Phone: (541) 973-3278


Our Pet Grooming Services Include:

  • Hand Fluff Drying
  • Pet Bathing
  • Pet Nail Clipping
A Full Service Dog Grooming Salon with 40 Years Experience of Caring for Pets

Medford Professional Pet Grooming Services

Medford professional pet grooming services offered by Just Great Grooming in Medford, OR include pet bathing, pet nail clipping and full service dog grooming. I am committed to delivering outstanding pet grooming services at competitive prices. A two hour turnaround dog available grooming service for small and large dogs ensures that your pet is perfectly bathed, cleaned and styled after a quick and refreshing grooming session.. With me, your pet is always in safe hands.

Our Full Service Dog Grooming Includes:

  • Brushed Out
  • Each Dog Bathed to Clean Perfection
  • Ears are Cleaned
  • Completely Dried
  • Styled Either Breed Correct or Personality Grooming
  • Toenails Cut and Filed Smooth

Schedule an Appointment

I am here to help you with your pet grooming concerns including dog bathing. Schedule an appointment and get the desired results with our extraordinary pet grooming services.
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